Ref Nop/1657
TitleGlassmaking, Plowden and Thompson Ltd., Stourbridge
DescriptionRolling the blown bulb on a table to turn it into a bottle shape.
TermGlass manufacture
Gorgeous Glass




AdminHistoryThe Dial glass cone was built in 1788 and used by Plowden and Thompson Ltd who were established in 1922. The firm was renowned for speciality high technology glass such as Chemical glassware. Various patents have been registered under the trade name of KODIAL glass. In 1935 the glass cone was in such a bad condition the top part had to be removed and a steel roof added. The firm specialised in hand-drawn tubing and rods which were in great demand during the Second World War (1939-1945). In 1969 all glass production ceased at the Dial glass cone, but demand was so great for their products that they built two new furnaces and started up production again. The firm bought the rights to use the brand Tudor Crystal in March 2000 and crystal glass is now made in the truncated Dial cone. They opened their own shop in 2001 and are still in business today (2005).
DS/UK/886Stourbridge, Worcestershire, UK; Plowden & Thompson Ltd; 1922 - Present1922 - Present
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